One response to “French3

  1. Joan Gero

    Valerie was my first friend when I came to American U to teach archaeology. She simply dropped by my basement office in Hurst Hall one afternoon early my first semester there, introduced herself, and asked me, “how were we lucky enough to get YOU here??” She had read my work!!! I was amazed, impressed and delighted to find a colleague in history interested in feminist takes on the past (certainly no one in anthropology was similarly excited!). In no time we were scheming to co-teach, and against all odds Valerie made it happen: THE GODDESS course was born! We had great fun teaching the course twice, with a few practice policies the first time and then BINGO, a wonderful successful second offering, although I could never shake the notion that Valerie was doing all the work and I was having at least half the fun. I treasured Valerie’s mentoring all my years at AU, appreciated her almost psychic emotional antenae for reading subtle moods and shifts, and her unbounded enthusiasm for good new ideas. She was easy to love, and I did.


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